Focused On Your Success!

You do what you do best. I take on the matters which either lack time or resources.

Who I am.

Grown out of a family business, I have worked for corporations like HypoVereinsbank, SAP and Tipico, including several years in the Silicon Valley, California, USA.   Within these companies I have held various leadership positions in Communication,  Marketing, Sales as well as Corporate Development. 


What I deliver.

My knowledge and experience are aimed to deliver added value to you and your employees. I will support you strategically in areas such as Customer Focus and Experience, New Markets, Innovation, Communication, Business Concepts and Employee Development. I will provide support where you either lack resources or need additional help. 

This way you and your employees can focus on your core competence.

Where I am.

My office resides within the Karlsruhe Technology Region but I can work globally. You can easily contact me at


Start-up Coaching.

For start-ups it is key to communicate their business idea and why it is unique. Hereby the message will need to be adjusted depending on the audience. No matter what, it's got to be simple and concise. For that, founders need the appropriate tools and sufficient training. That is where the fun starts!